educator+data analyst+policy maker

Hi, I'm Yong Kiat; I believe that less is more.

That's why I kept this website simple, black & white. Also, I'm busy. Want a night mode? Click the moon.

Experience in education, healthcare and tech sectors with a focus in government.

An educator many moons ago, I moved into policy making, healthcare finance and tech for public good. Worst nightmare of my life to leave my childhood dream job. But best thing in life to keep learning.

Pedagogy & School

Coaching, facilitation & engagement, education psychology, large-scale & 1-1 pedagogy, masterclass & workshopping.
Now Learning: Agile, Scrum & Project Management

Data & Coding

Analytics (R, Python, Fortran, Excel), Visualisation & Design (Tableau, QlikSense, Plotly), Web Dev (JS, CSS, HTML), Data Methods (NLP, ML), Financial & Affordability Analysis
Now Learning: React, PWA, D3.js, Solidity

Public Service Administration

Media engagement, public comms, whole-of-government coordination, policy planning & analysis, financial & treasury operations, IT system mapping
Now Learning: Government Digital Services

Now Reading

The Road to React, by Robin Wieruch

Now Pursuing

Full Stack Development ModularMasters, at Singapore University of Technology & Development,

Graduate Cert in Digital Finance, at Singapore Management University

Certified Healthcare Analytical Professional, at Singapore Management University

Micro-Degree in Investment Banking, at Financial Edge

I write. But I also code.

Mostly musings, for me to stay sharp and an excuse to code. I write algorithms, or at least a meaningful app or visualisation to explain my thoughts. Breaking the colour rule here for the sake of visual organisation.

Data Viz

Reproducing Infographics from The Straits Times

28 Jun 2022

A short post to document what I learnt about reproducing infographics produced by The Straits Times, a Singapore mainstream media reporting body.


How a Pandemic Works - And What Stops It?

7 Jun 2022

We explore how to simulate the transmission mechanics of a pandemic on a grid. Written in JavaScript.

Financial Analytics

Designing a Basic Visual Plot

8 Jan 2022

If you want to understand the market, chances are you'll need a customised visualisation with some tools. We explore that today.


Blockchain Basics

8 Jun 2022

I explain what hashing, blocks and blockchains are in this article, with simple JavaScript simulations. Meant to be a quick 101 to understand some of the key concepts in blockchain technology.


An Introduction to React

5 Jul 2022

A starter article to begin my journey in React. The what, why and hows of React, at high-level.

Financial Analytics

Setting Up Your Technical Analysis Toolbox

1 Jan 2022

Before you run off on your horses to learn about technical analysis, you need access to data. Real market data. I talk basic API calls in this post.

Work projects. Or actually, what my bosses made me do.

Things that keep me alive and busy. Work was made by God for man - or was it that man was made by God for work?

Research @ University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Dispersion Interactions Between Poly(p-phenylene vinylene) Polymers
  • Transcript available
  • | Specialised in ab-initio and semi-empirical simulation methods for quantum physics and molecular chemistry
  • | Maintained and revised legacy code in Fortran
  • | Successfully transited from a degree in Chemistry to a discipline in Physics
Data Analytics @ Ministry of Education
Social Media Analytics for Govt
  • Demo, data-public
  • | Developed business intelligence tools to inform the Ministry of Education's public communications strategy
  • | Whole of ministry social media dashboards, click analytics, automated sentiment analysis, topic modelling and other NLP methods
  • | Change management, team-training & development of a 5-year data analytics strategy

*Sharing limited to public data

Healthcare Finance @ Ministry of Health
Long Term Care Subsidy Review
  • No demo, data-confi
  • | Developed affordability thresholds in consultation with CPFB, MOM & MOF
  • | Refined subsidy frameworks for Long Term Care services
  • | Designed & sized disability grants for moderately-disabled patients and their caregivers
  • | Policy analysis conducted using 100% Python, in-house coding
Ad-Hoc Content Creation
Blockchain Basics
  • Demo, data-public
  • | Developed a teaching applet for introducing basic blockchain concepts
  • | Convenient tool for my talks on cryptocurrency and blockchain to institutions like NAFA and MOH
Organisation Musings @ GovTech
Tech Sector Insights
  • Public Blog
  • | Developed tech sector insights through regular journalling
  • | Convenient resource for thought leadership, product marketing and agency engagement
Web 3.0 @ GovTech
Blockchain Attestation
  • Plenary Talk
  • | Represented Government Digital Services at GovTech's annual developer conference, open to both public- and private-sector organisations.
  • | Spoke on OpenAttestation, an open-source framework for document attestation on the blockchain.

Personal portfolio. What one can learn and create in his free time.

Coding brings to life many ideas and enhances communication. In my time at GovTech, I picked up full-stack development skillsets through creating and maintaining my own digital portfolio.

Credentials | Codecademy
My Code-cademy
  • | Re-created the Codecademy dashboard webpage to better showcase my credentials as a standalone
Code is Art | Piet Mondrian
Red, Blue, & Yellow
  • | Re-created Piet Mondrian's "Composition in Red, Blue & Yellow" entirely in code, with CSS Bootstrap.
Apps | Calculator
Simple Calculator
  • | Designed and coded a simple calculator from scratch.
Apps | Markdown Editor
Sublime Editor
  • | Created a Markdown text editor, with open, export and file-drag options.
Apps | Kanban Board
YKanban Board
  • | Created a dynamic Kanban board to manage my team's work assignments.