Blockchain Basics

educator + data analyst + policy maker

I created this simple webapp to help explain to my friends and family what blockchain technology is all about, and what makes it so secure. I'm quite the crypto-enthusiast, and I'd like to believe I'm invested in it for the technology, not the money (haha joke, I don't mind the moolah).

I also wanted to tinker with the SubtleCrypto JavaScript library, and also see if I could produce some learning resources with JavaScript. I've only been learning JavaScript, CSS and HTML for about 3 weeks as of writing this website.

In any case, I hope Web 3.0 succeeds, even if it just ends up being some hybrid of Web 2.0 & 3.0. This would bring us back to the spirit of decentralisation last seen in Web 1.0 (oh the early days of the internet!).

- Yeo Yong Kiat, 16 Jun 2022